Bannon Hits Fox News With Major Criticism At CPAC

The former top advisor to former President Donald Trump criticized Fox News in a high-profile speech at a top conservative gathering this week.

The speech at the Conservative Political Action Coalition this week pulled no punches regarding the media giant.

Bannon slammed a number of issues since the start of the Biden administration in 2021. According to Bannon, there have been a number of major errors in American foreign policy, including regarding the war in Ukraine.

However, much of the major criticism was levied regarding the media. The former advisor to the president levied major criticism of Fox News this week.

In particular, he said that the news network has been restricting their coverage of the former president. In particular, he said that President Trump represents far more than just a political office, but also the needs of common Americans.

After Bannon called out the network by name, the following day Fox News ran former President Trump’s speech live.

In particular, the former advisor said that Fox News had “disrespected” President Trump for “long enough.”

Many conservative activists point out that while Fox has a reputation of being right-of-center, much of its content does not line up on a number of issues, especially over the last several years.

In particular, many conservatives point to the decision by Fox News to project Joe Biden as the winner in Arizona during the 2020 election prior to all of the votes being counted. As a result, much of the argument by former President Trump of winning the election was undercut by the news agency.

During his CPAC speech, Bannon said of the decision, “Fox News illegitimately called it for the opposition and not Donald J. Trump.”

Furthermore, Fox News is owned by Rupert Murdoch, who also controls the New York Post and the Wall Street Journal. Both newspapers have levied considerable criticism of former President Trump since the November 2022 midterm elections.

The split was noticed by a number of conservative pundits and activists, including Steve Bannon.

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