Armed Nashville Store Clerk Saves Himself From Violent Robbery

There is little that warms the heart quite like a story of a good guy with a gun protecting themselves from a violent criminal intent on doing them harm. Yet another inspiring case of self-defense occurred in Nashville early Saturday morning.

According to the Metro Nashville Police Department (NPD), the terrifying incident unfolded at 3:30 am in a Corner Mart convenience store.

Officials report that the suspect DeCarlos Groves, 25, brandished a weapon during an apparent armed robbery attempt. Surveillance video showed him then leaping over the counter and pouncing on the store clerk.

Peter Fang, 20, was the obviously startled employee. However, he did not allow his shock to paralyze him and he quickly produced his own firearm, which was stashed in his shirt pocket.

Investigators said the clerk’s weapon discharged when Groves landed on him and the bullet struck the alleged assailant. Video evidence showed the struggle continued, and more shots were fired from Fang’s firearm. Groves then fell to the floor.

Fang called the police at that point, and they reported that Groves died on the scene.

NPD said the investigation into the shooting is ongoing, and the District Attorney’s office will make the final determination on filing charges. As these cases go, however, it is difficult to see charges on the way if the facts remain as currently understood.

What this incident proved has been demonstrated time and again — law-abiding Americans need to keep and bear arms for their safety. Revolving door courts and lax prosecutors are filling the streets with violent criminals.

Hardly an accident, this result is strictly by design from progressives who believe that those who prey on innocent victims are products of an unjust society. If more Americans are terrorized by the criminal underclass, to many on the left it is merely what they had coming.

The only reasonable reaction is to be prepared to defend yourself. This Nashville store clerk had no reason to suspect that he would be violently attacked, but he was armed and prepared.

Despite his heroic story of self-defense, anti-Second Amendment leftists continue to attack gun rights across the country. But had he not been ready on this fateful night, it could have been his last.

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