Argentina Evacuates Citizens As Americans Remain Stranded In Israel

President Joe Biden has signaled that American citizens who request to be evacuated from Israel following the recent Hamas terrorist attack must pay for it out of their own pockets. Meanwhile, nations including Mexico and Argentina are demonstrating their capability to carry out ongoing rescue missions to retrieve their own citizens from the active war zone.

Last week, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador confirmed that 287 of his nation’s citizens had returned home following an evacuation from Israel and that plans were underway to remove the remaining Mexicans from the country.
“We are going to get them out as quickly as possible,” he promised.

Since then, Argentina announced its plan to facilitate the evacuation of 1,419 of its citizens to a safe place in Italy.

“With the work of the Defense Ministry and Aerolineas Argentinas, we will start an air bridge from Tel Aviv to Rome,” confirmed Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero. The first plane carrying more than four dozen Argentine citizens arrived in Rome on Thursday, according to a social media post by the foreign minister.

General Jorge Becerro, who is leading the Operation Safe Return mission, said that Argentina had “requested a second aircraft from the Air Force” to help increase the number of evacuations to roughly 210 per day.

Reports indicate at least seven Argentinians were dead and another 15 were missing in the aftermath of the attacks.

U.S. Director of External Affairs Ximena Barreto cited the efforts of Mexico and Argentina in a statement denouncing the Biden administration’s refusal to use all available options to stage a similar evacuation.

“Disappointed to see [Biden’s] inaction on helping stranded American citizens in Israel,” she said. “While less privileged countries like Argentina and Mexico are actively rescuing their citizens, our fellow Americans abroad deserve better. It’s time for action, not silence.”

Dozens of Americans affiliated with a California church group are calling for a rescue mission from their home country.

One of the stranded Americans, Silver Prout, pleaded: “They need to start getting Americans out. Where is the State Department?”

At least 29 Americans have been confirmed dead and 15 remained missing in Israel as of the most recent updates available.

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