Alvin Bragg Calls Trump A ‘Rich Old White Man’

In a 2021 radio interview, Manhattan’s current district attorney, Alvin Bragg, boasted that he was capable of prosecuting former President Donald Trump.

During his candidacy for district attorney, Alvin Bragg gave an interview to “Ebro in the Morning,” a Hot 97 radio show in New York City, in which he accused former President Donald Trump of lawlessness and discussed potential ways to prosecute him. Bragg claimed that Trump had evaded prosecution due to his wealth and status as a “rich old white man.”

Bragg stated to the “Ebro in the Morning” radio show that he saw a way to build a case against Trump. Notably, Bragg’s campaign was significantly funded by progressive billionaire George Soros.

During the interview, Bragg was asked, “One of the things leading into this vote for the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, I know a lot of people are wondering, whoever has this job, are they going to convict Donald Trump?”

Bragg replied, “I’m the candidate in the race who has the experience with Donald Trump. I was the chief deputy in the attorney general’s office. We sued the Trump administration over 100 times. For the Muslim travel ban, for family separation at the border, for shenanigans with the Census. So, I know how to litigate with him.”

When asked if a case should be brought against Trump, Bragg replied, “I believe we have to hold him accountable. I haven’t seen all the facts beyond the public, but I’ve litigated with him, and so I’m prepared to go where the facts take me once I see them and hold him accountable.”

Bragg expressed caution about potentially pre-judging the facts, as he feared it could have led to the “Trump Team” requesting he recuse himself if he were to bring charges. However, he still stated that there were numerous troubling public domain issues surrounding Trump that could potentially lead to a case against him.

Bragg said, “There’s a lot out there in the public domain that is so troubling. And I say that not just as someone who’s watching it but as someone who’s done these kinds of cases. Someone who’s litigated with Donald Trump about fraud and, by the way, won. Right? We held him accountable on the Trump Foundation case. My office did the Trump University case. So I’ve seen a pattern of lawlessness over 20 years, and so I’m inclined to believe all I see in the public domain, uh, and know that there’s uh, and believe that there’s a path forward there to make a case.”

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