Aid For Ukraine, Israel: Biden Pushes $100 Billion In Congress

President Joe Biden is expected to request $100 billion in defense assistance for Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan and increase security measures at the U.S. border. This move comes in response to the recent attacks by Hamas and the ongoing conflict in the Israel-Hamas war.

In Congress, there is strong bipartisan support for providing aid to Israel. However, regarding assisting Ukraine, some House Republicans are not as supportive and have raised reasonable objections. There have been suggestions to bundle aid for Israel and Ukraine in a combined package to address this disagreement.

Biden’s announcement of this request coincides with his trip to Tel Aviv, Israel and Amman, Jordan, where he will try to demonstrate support for Israel and discuss the humanitarian crisis. We can only hope Biden won’t compare this horrific tragedy to when he had that small house fire and almost lost his precious Corvette.

U.S. Senate legislators anticipate that the multi-billion dollar assistance request will be submitted by the end of the week, covering a full year of funding. White House officials have been working on this request for weeks.

Sources revealed that Biden will no longer visit Jordan this week during his Middle East trip. This announcement came after a leaders summit on humanitarian aid for Palestinians was abruptly canceled Tuesday. The decision was made in response to the deadly bombing of a hospital in Gaza.

Biden had been scheduled to meet with Jordan’s King Abdullah, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas after first visiting Israel.

The request for aid will be on hold until the House of Representatives elects a new speaker following the removal of former GOP House Speaker Kevin McCarthy from the position. The House must address all spending measures but must refrain from proceeding with legislative matters for now.

President Biden’s request for increased border security measures and $100 billion in defense assistance to Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan reveals that his administration is paying closer attention to what’s happening.

Nevertheless, the timing of this request is linked with internal legislative dynamics in the House of Representatives, pending the election of a new speaker. The outcome will shape the fate of this crucial funding proposal, further revealing the connection between domestic and international affairs in the United States.

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