Abbott Victory Leads GOP Sweep Of Texas Elections

Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott resoundingly defeated former Democratic Rep. Beto O’Rourke on Tuesday. His challenger has now come up short in runs for president, the Senate, and now Texas governor.

The state’s electorate spoke loudly and clearly by sending Abbott a convincing victory and a third term in the governor’s office. While O’Rourke attempted to ride abortion “rights” to a win, voters obviously were more concerned about inflation, the nation’s crime wave, and immigration issues.

The triumphant governor was clear on his constituency and who he credited for his overwhelming win.

He gave thanks to the “farmers and ranchers” along the border who pleaded with him to secure the border region. He also told the audience in the Rio Grande Valley that many thousands simply asked him to “keep Texas Texas.”

Abbott’s mission, he declared, is to keep Texas the number one state for economic growth and attracting new jobs.

There was never much doubt as to who the establishment media supported, but high-minded journalists get only one vote each. Texas voters, meanwhile, sent a clear message that they are happy with the direction the Lone Star State is heading.

Abbott was hardly alone in taking a victory lap after Tuesday’s midterm election results rolled in. Republican Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton were successful in their bids for reelection.

This continued the GOP’s nearly three-decade of dominance over the state government.

Patrick once again overcame Mike Collier, the Democratic accountant whose run for lieutenant governor in 2018 also fell short. The incumbent has now held the position since 2014.

And Paxton overcame a deluge of the negative press along with several legal challenges and investigations to handily defeat challenger Rochelle Garza. The Democrat is an attorney who rose to fame after suing the Trump administration over an immigrant teenager seeking an abortion.

Texas voters made their preferences quite clear, and in doing so turned back another attempt by the left to flip the solidly conservative stronghold. With Abbott leading the way, the state should continue to buck the national trend by enjoying a strong economy while upholding traditional values.

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